Pointed Calligraphy Nibs, Set of 3, for Dip Pens


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This set of 3 pointed calligraphy nibs comes in an adorable slide-top tin. I've carefully selected three of my favorite nibs to give you a variety of options for your writing:

Gillott #291 nib
Leonardt #40 nib (the famous "blue pumpkin")
Hiro #700 nib

All of these fit in a standard pen holder, such as our wood pen holders, and are a mix of flexible and stiff tips, so you can decide which you like best. The fine tips give delicate hairlines, making them suitable for a variety of projects: Modern calligraphy, Spencarian and Copperplate calligraphy, and drawing and drafting. Your set of nibs is packaged in a small slide-top tin, so you won't misplace them.