Hand Cut Goose Feather Quill


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A goose quill is the perfect writing instrument: Nostalgic, yet practical, it adds a dash of romance and intrigue to your special letter or occasion.

This is a hand-cut goose feather quill, cured and cut by me. It does not take a metal tip---the tip is cut from the quill itself. Part of the plume is removed so that it will not interfere with your hand, and the writing tip is carefully carved from the shaft of the feather. Resharpening instructions are included.

The quill in the photograph is representative of the one you will receive. They average between 11 and 14 inches long and the plume is a shade of ivory. The quill is carefully packaged so that the tip is not damaged during shipping. You may use any type of calligraphy ink with this quill, including the inks I make myself from medieval recipes.

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