Custom Ostrich Feather Dip Pen Set with Ink and Pen Stand, Choice of Colors


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This luxurious ostrich feather quill pen set is a perfect for writing spells in your grimoire or for the guest book at your wedding! It includes a very large ostrich feather dip pen, upright metal pen stand and glass bottle, and 20 mL of your favorite color writing ink. 

Choose from 9 colors of ostrich feathers and 5 colors of writing ink to customize your pen set! The silver alloy dip pen handle and matching pen stand have ornate filigree designs, including a charming hand on the pen stand that holds your quill. One removable metal nib is included, and the ferrule fits all US standard-sized nibs. 

The ostrich feather is very large - between 15 and 18 inches - and the handle measures 5 inches, including nib. The glass ink bottle holds approximately 20 mL of ink, and the metal pen holder is securely attached it its side. These are weighty enough to securely hold your feather pen upright.

Photographs and design copyright (c) Nancy Hulan. Thank you for supporting small businesses!