Murano Glass Dip Pen with Pen Stand (One Pen in Choice of Styles)


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This Murano glass dip pen is a wonderful gift for writers. Beautiful and easy to use, the pen writes with a smooth, consistent line.  

Each pen is approximately 7 inches long and fits comfortably in the hand. Six styles are available: (1) Red with round grip, (2) Blue / gold stripe with square grip, (3) Black and gold twist with round grip, (4) Smoky pink with round grip, (5) Pale green with round grip, and (6) Aqua / silver with square grip. This listing is for ONE pen in the style of your choice.

An optional glass pen stand holds your pen upright when you aren't using it. You can also lay your pen down on the stand so that it doesn't roll away.

Each pen is shipped in a padded box, safe and secure. Use it with any type of ink designed for dip pens, including the inks listed in our shop. 

Of course, because the pen is glass and therefore breakable, we do not recommend this for young children.

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