Ex Libris Book Plates: Medieval Library Book Curses, Set of 24 Self-Adhesive Labels


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Protect your library like a medieval monk! This set of 24 self-adhesive book plates features reproductions of my calligraphy of a verse from a medieval book (translated into English). 

When books were written by hand, monastic scribes often wrote humorous verses in the books to discourage theft. These are known as "book curses" because they often called for dire punishments for those who forget to return borrowed books.

My original artwork was hand painted on genuine goatskin parchment for authenticity. This set contains 24 book plates with printed reproductions of my art. Add your name under "ex libris" (which means "from the books of") to ensure no one will walk away with your books again--or a dire fate will befall them!

Each bookplate measures 2.5 by 3.5 inches and is on self-adhesive, acid-free paper. Simply peel off the backing paper and adhere to the inside cover of your book.