Miniature Book Earrings in Shades of Tan, Red, and Brown


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* Handmade
* Genuine leather and paper books, 12 pages each
* Silver-plated ear wires
* Lightweight
* Books are 7/8 inch high and 5/8 inch wide

Classic elegance sets these miniature book earrings apart from others. Made with the same fine bookbinding materials as my full-size journals, including hand-marbled paper and leather spine, shades of tan, brown, and red swirl together on their covers. They are real hardback books, just on a tiny scale! The covers open to reveal 12 blank pages, so you can add your own meaningful words if you wish.

A pale shell bead brings out their beauty. Because each pair of earrings is handmade and uses hand-marbled paper, the exact pattern may vary slightly from the photographs. Silver wire hooks complete the earrings.

They are shipped in a gift box and arrive at your doorstep ready to be given to a special someone (or even yourself). The quality materials---the same professional bookbinding materials used in my handbound books---ensure that these will be treasured for a lifetime.

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