"Irish Emerald" Green Calligraphy Ink for Quills and Dip Pens


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"Irish Emerald" is Arte of the Booke's green, pigmented writing ink. It is ideal for hand-lettering and calligraphy with dip pens and feather quills, and will add a dash of mystery and romance to your writing. These fine calligraphy inks are packaged in keepsake glass bottles and raffia ribbon, then sealed with wax.

The large glass bottle measures 3 inches wide x 1.75 inches deep x 2.5 inches tall, holds 50 mL of ink, and weighs 8 oz when full. The small glass bottle measures 1.75 inches wide x 1.2 inches deep x 1.6 inches tall, holds 15 mL of ink, and weighs 2.1 oz when full. 

Other colors of calligraphy ink are available, along with other fine writing supplies. 
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