Deluxe Calligraphy Set


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This deluxe calligraphy starter kit is perfect for learning Renaissance-style calligraphy. It is appropriate for beginners as well as those with some experience. It includes everything you need, so you can start writing right away, with high-quality items that will last for years.

* Wood dip pen, turned from exotic hardwood
* Three nibs: one pointed steel nib and two brass broad-tipped nibs
* Two 15-mL bottles of ink, one black and one red
* Glass inkwell with lid
* 10 sheets of calligraphic parchment paper, 8.5 x 11 inches
* 10 sheets of lined practice paper
* My personal instructions for three Renaissance-era scripts

Everything is neatly packaged in a conveniently size storage box, so you can give the gift as soon as it arrives!

Novice scribes will appreciate the simple, easy-to-understand instructions, and more experienced scribes will love the exquisite heirloom dip pens and ink. Why should beginning writers have to suffer with cheap plastic pens and inferior inks? Start them off right, with high-quality items, so that they fall in love with the process and the tools.

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