Alphabet Letter Brass Seal Stamp // Roman Capital


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Solid brass wax seal stamp with alphabet letter design (select letter from drop-down menu). The design of all the letters is similar, so each one is not shown here: All are Roman-style capital letters with a leafy decorative motif---a classy touch for any correspondence.


Each stamp head is approx. 1 inch in diameter, for a large clear stamp, and is threaded so that it can easily screw onto the wooden handle. This design allows you to exchange different stamp heads on one handle if you wish to change stamp patterns.

The stamp head is available either with or without the wooden handle. With handle attached, the combined length is 3.5 inches. (Handle is not available alone.)


Add a stick of sealing wax to complete your purchase! Our sealing wax is specially  formulated to be slightly flexible, for a more durable seal. To see all of our sealing wax and brass stamp designs, please visit the shop section:

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