Fun Wax Seal Projects

Nancy Hulan

Posted on February 23 2018

Red wax seal on envelope

Wax seals are a great way to add an air of distinction to any letter, but there are lots of neat, easy-to-use techniques for wax seals that are more than just sealing an envelope. Here are a few cool ideas to check out:

  1. Use metallic sharpie to highlight the design. Especially with dark toned wax, this trick can make the details of your seal really pop. Here's a video by IG user charlartscript
  2.  Add twine, flowers, or ribbon under the seal. If you’re wrapping a small box, a wax seal over the twine tying it together gives any package and extra level of class. Here's a lovely example by IG user laracreationsmy
  3. Add seals as accents in journals and scrapbooks. There’s no reason your seal shouldn’t be a permanent addition to your work. Accent the corners of photos, text blocks, or on borders. 
    Use wax seal in scrapbooking projects
  4. Worried about placing your seal just right before you add it into that scrapbook we just mentioned? You can make your wax seal on a piece of ceramic tile, and gently peel it off after it has cooled. Then you can glue it wherever you’d like! Here's a video showing this technique from IG user jwlettering
  5. Seal your bottles. If you want to make a bottle look impressive and also make it tamper proof, adding a wax seal is the way to go! Check out this item from Etsy seller TheDesignCandyShoppe (click on the photo to visit Etsy):

    Here is a great tutorial video for how to do this yourself
  6.  Make seals you can eat! Instead of wax, use melted chocolate. Be sure to chill the brass stamp before you use it so the chocolate doesn’t stick. If you’re going to use a stamp for chocolate, start with a clean, new brass stamp. Do not use one that has been previously used for wax. Photo courtesy of

 Want to pick up a wax stamp and get started? Check out our collection of wax seals and stamps here on the Arte of the Booke website.  


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