SCA Vigil Book with Historically Accurate Pierced Parchment Binding


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Historically accurate reproduction blank book, perfect for SCA vigils, peerage elevations, or living history reenactment events where historical accuracy is important.  This blank book is bound as a semi-limp parchment binding, in which several materials are combined to create the covers. 

The pages are first sewn onto alum-tawed leather thongs, which are then laced through the red dyed parchment wrapper. The covers are made of three layers: a paper stiffener, off-white fabric, and dyed parchment. The parchment is punched in a decorative pattern to reveal ivory fabric underneath. Alum-tawed leather ties keep the book closed. 

This style of binding, unlike other parchment bindings, was used by upper-class patrons. It is appropriate for 15th and 16th centuries, across Europe.


Dyed red goatskin parchment, white linen fabric or other fabric of your choice, alum-tawed leather thongs, white linen thread, and blank off-white paper pages. Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.75 inches. 192 blank pages.

Production time

Your vigil book should be ready to ship within approximately 7-10 days.

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