Antique Style Marbled Journal, Distressed Leather, Personal Inscription, Large Size, Bookmark


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Do you long for books from the past? This almost antique journal is made especially for you, with hand-marbled page edges, embossed personal text on the front cover, and slightly distressed leather. Your journal truly appears to be from another century.

* Genuine leather (either blue, green, or brown), gently distressed
* 224 white pages, counting both sides (either lined or blank)
* Embossed inscription on front cover and/or spine (Front cover: 2 lines, max 13 characters each, max total 26 characters. Spine: 1 line, max 13 characters)
* Ribbon bookmark
* Hand-marbled page edges
* Hand-embossed tooling (may show some variation)
* 8.5 x 6 inches (215 x 152 mm)

As is appropriate for an antique-appearing journal, there may be small irregularities in the leather or the hand-tooled decorations, which add to its unique look. The marbling patterns shown in the photos are representative of those on your journal, but each marbled pattern is unique and can never be exactly duplicated.

Please remember that text and photographs are (c) Nancy Hulan and may not be used without permission. Thank you for supporting American small business.