Antique Brown Writing Ink Made from Black Walnuts




Each fall, I collect bushels full of black walnuts from my parents' yard to make this beautiful brown calligraphy ink. The walnuts make a lush brown ink that works very well for both dip pens and quills; the color is perfect for an antique or vintage look. You may also use it with a brush for sepia-toned drawings.


The process of making walnut ink dates back centuries. Brown ink was often used for ruling pages of medieval manuscripts and outlining designs for illuminations.


This bottle contains approximately 15 ml of ink in a clear glass bottle with screw-top cap. In addition to the tannins from the walnuts, this ink also contains gum arabic (a binder) and a small amount of rubbing alcohol (to discourage mold growth). It may be thinned with water if you desire a more subtle shade.

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