Handmade Ceramic Inkwell with Cork and Pen Rest for Dip Pens and Quills


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This handmade ceramic inkwell with two pen rests is the perfect accessory for your writing desk. It holds approximately 100 mL (3.3 oz) of writing ink and measures 2.75 inches high (not counting the cork) and 2.5 inches on each side. The opening is about 1 inch in diameter.

These inkwells are individually handmade by a potter in the US exclusively for Arte of the Booke. They have a brown and yellow glaze, inside and out, which shows streaks and drips down the sides, adding to the unique beauty of each piece. The outside bottom of the well is unglazed and slightly rough.

Two pen rests are on opposite sides of the inkwell mouth for you to rest your quills or pens. To see all of our feather quills, dip pens, writing ink, and other supplies, please visit the shop section: As a reminder, all photographs are © Nancy Hulan, and unauthorized use of our photographs is prohibited.