Custom Leather Smartphone Case in Medieval Girdle Book Style for Reenactors


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Smartphones are handy to have, even at historical reenactment events. This luxurious leather case, bound as a medieval girdle book, protects and disguises your phone while adding to your persona's overall look. Made with all the materials and techniques of fine bookbindings, including quarter-inch-thick wood boards, supple goatskin leather blind-tooled in a medieval design, hand-marbled paper, and metal corner bosses and latch, this case will make you the envy of all your friends.

The Turk's Head knot, a key feature of girdle books, tucks under your belt to keep the case securely by your side. You don't need to remove it from your belt to check your text messages or the time--just lift the case upward and open the covers. Quick, easy, and unobtrusive.

The boards are quarter-inch-thick wood, to allow the straps and metal furnishings to be attached by brass nails--the traditional way--and to securely protect your phone. But never fear, on both inside covers there is another layer of binder's board and hand-marbled paper to ensure the surfaces in contact with your device are perfectly smooth. Thick elastic keeps your phone firmly in place, allowing easy access to all side controls. The metal latch is cleverly designed to look medieval yet not put any tension on the phone while keeping the cover closed (unlike genuine medieval latches, which rely on tension to function properly).

You choose the colors of the leather cover, leather straps and knot, and marbled paper, for a girdle book as unique as you are. I can add your name (up to five letters) to the spine for no extra charge. (See the fifth photograph for the colors and the lettering style.) The lines that form the pattern on both covers are painstakingly made by hand using a traditional heated brass tool called a fillet wheel. This pattern is typical of medieval bindings throughout Europe. The metal bosses in the corners and center of each board aren't just decorative (although they sure look beautiful): They protect the leather on the covers from scratches when resting on a flat surface.

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